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There have been persistent reports, many of them documented, of official use of torture as a part of the War on Terror during George W. Bush's administration.

The first such incident to come to light was the Abu Ghraib abuses, but there have been others (e.g. Guantánamo).

Publicly, administration officials and spokespeople deny sanctioning or approving of torture, but certain of their legislative efforts appear to contradict this stance.


  • "The United States does not torture. It's against our laws and it's against our values. I have not authorised it and I will not authorise it." -- George W. Bush [1]


Apparently Senator John McCain tried to add an amendment (to the 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations Bill) which would have banned "torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners"; VP Cheney has been campaigning hard to have the amendment modified to exempt the CIA from the ban. This article apparently describes what ultimately happened.

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