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Dick Cheney (Richard Bruce Cheney) was "the 46th Vice President of the United States under President George W. Bush".

Prior to and during his vice-presidency, Cheney was one of the most vigorous exponents of the unitary executive theory of US presidential power.

"In the private sector, he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Halliburton Energy Services; he is still a major stockholder." [W]

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"It was Cheney who directed Halliburton toward aggressive business dealings with Iran – in violation of U.S. law – in the mid-1990s, which continued through 2005 and is the reason Iran has the capability to enrich weapons-grade uranium. It was Halliburton's secret sale of centrifuges to Iran that helped get the uranium enrichment program off the ground, according to a three-year investigation that includes interviews conducted with more than a dozen current and former Halliburton employees. If the U.S. ends up engaged in a war with Iran in the future, Cheney and Halliburton will bear the brunt of the blame." [1] (item #2, "update by Jason Leopold" section)

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Source: The Cheney Doctrine by John Kerry


Dick Cheney said:

We will succeed in Iraq, just like we did in Afghanistan. We will stand up a new government under an Iraqi-drafted constitution. We will defeat that insurgency, and, in fact, it will be an enormous success story.

June 25, 2005, CNN Interview
Dick Cheney said:

I think we may well have some kind of presence there over a period of time," Cheney said. "The level of activity that we see today from a military standpoint, I think, will clearly decline. I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency.

May 30, 2005, Larry King Live


Dick Cheney said:

There's overwhelming evidence there was a connection between al Qaeda and the Iraqi government. I am very confident that there was an established relationship there.

January 22, 2004


Dick Cheney said:

When you think about what we've accomplished in terms of taking Afghanistan – we had a total of 30 killed in action in Afghanistan – taking down the Taliban and destroying the capacity of al-Qaeda to use Afghanistan as a base to attack the United States, launching an attack into Iraq, destroying the Iraqi armed forces, taking down the government of Iraq, getting rid of Saddam Hussein, capturing 42 out of the 55 top leaders, and beginning what I think has been fairly significant success in terms of putting Iraq back together again, the price that we've had to pay is not out of line, and certainly wouldn't lead me to suggest or think that the strategy is flawed or needs to be changed.

September 14, 2003
Dick Cheney said:

My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.

March 16, 2003
Dick Cheney said:

We believe Saddam has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons.

March 16, 2003


Dick Cheney said:

Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us.

August 26, 2002
Dick Cheney said:

Saddam is actively pursuing nuclear weapons at this time.

March 24, 2002