Islamic cultural invasion

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The Islamic cultural invasion refers to a hypothetical phenomenon wherein the liberal embrace of cultural diversity, and fear of racism and intolerance, is exploited by powermongers either within the Islamic community or within the government of the invaded country or both.

It seemed at first that there was some evidence that this was, in fact, happening in Europe, and there were also repeated claims of it happening in the US as well, but none of the claims have panned out so far and appear largely to be the result of fearmongering in the other direction (i.e. against Muslims), typically by Christian fundamentalists (especially in the US).

Most of the claims seem to fall into one of two categories:

  • Sharia law is being imposed within some jurisdiction, superceding legal code which should be applicable.
  • No-go zones exist within some city or area of some city, into which non-Muslims enter at their peril.