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Islamofascism is a form of religious extremism in which the faith of Islam is abusively used as a cover for a totalitarian ideology[1], especially fascism.

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It is generally synonymous with Islamic extremism, and has many similarities to Protestant fundamentalism.


Links and other items having to do with Islam as an abusive force should probably be moved here; the Islam page is (ultimately) for items about the religion itself, according to its own written scripture and doctrines.


It is not clear what the relationships are between Islamofascism, genuine Islamic fundamentalism, and Islamism. As with many religions, a literal or fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic doctrine would seem to be essentially fascistic in nature, in that:

  • it considers individual needs less important than unquestioning adherence
  • it seeks to promote unity of cultural and religious attributes

Hence "Islamic fundamentalism" is essentially a form of fascism, and so the term redirects here. Discussion on the relationship between these two terms is welcome, however.

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