Operation Outraged Omar

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Operation Outraged Omar (also known as "Operation Angry Omar" or just "Operation Omar") is a citizen infrastructure project with the general goal of providing intelligence support to political resistance activities against despotic regimes in the Middle East.


Its specific goals as of 2011-04-29 are:

  • To develop a FAX document that asserts the individual rights of peoples in the Middle East and despotic regimes. We should try to publish upbeat positive messages. It is important to stress that this is a unique opportunity for the people of the region to change the local political landscape. They have come too far now to turn back.
  • Establish a network of technically adept activists in the middle east that can support cyber-guerilla operations.
    • Live streaming channel similar to Libya Alhurra for:
    • Compile a wish list of technical support for our operatives in the region and execute those requests.


These goals and FAX document are being developed mostly via the web-based Etherpad open-source collaborative editing tool, with some communication also taking place via Twitter, IRC, and presumably other less public methods such as person-to-person IM.


At present, the only links I have on hand are Etherpad pages. Due to Etherpad's lack of security, I am holding off on posting these links, as I don't yet know if the team members are prepared to deal with any influx of outsiders. (The links were posted in IRC originally.)