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This text was posted on AnonOps's message site. Some links have been added for reference purposes. Spelling and punctuation have not been corrected.


thinq_, unfortunally you have been trolled. Ryan clearly had no intention to do anything for Anonymous... EVER, he was only ever here to boost his own ego. There is no "leadership", Ryan seems to be mistaking "leadership" with people who actually get of their ass and do stuff (and not just treating other users with contempt). To add further to the point of "leadership", network staff have a hard enough time trying to keep the network functional and stable, let alone leading a PR campaign.

Ryan talks about how he wanted to show how insecure AnonOps was, and yet he was an oper (Network admin) for over 5 months. You would of thought he would have bolstered security if he considered it inadequate. He talks about the "incompetence" of other opers, but it would appear this is merely a distraction from his own shortfalls.

Moving onto the database of leaked IP's. Ryan had been a network administrator on AnonOps since december (going under the name of V), since that time he had achieved a level of trust. It's this trust he exploited. There was no wholesale lapse in security, or critical vulnerability. As with many things its just the human element coming into play. It would be no different from a disillusioned employee releasing the photocopies after the christmas party. Embarassing, yes - catastrophic, no. As seen in recent copywrong cases, an IP doesn't equal a person, in the same way a blurry photocopy of someones ass is unlikely to prove who they are.

Finally, AnonOps is hoping to get some basic functionality within the next 12 hours.

P.S: Also names from the original post are removed as they were only added to be some "proof" of authenticity (users may have done !staff and seen one or more of these names), as without a formalized blog/bulletin, there is was no easy was to make users aware of the seriousness of the message. Seeing as it's now established that news will be here for the time being, this is no longer necessary

P.P.S: Should *.anonops.in stop resolving then further news will be on anonops.li