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  • link: http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-walks-out-as-all-progress-on-debt-ceiling-talks-erased-2011-7
  • title: headline::Cantor Says Obama Stormed Out Of Debt Ceiling Meeting, As All Progress In Talks "Erased"
  • date: Jul 13, 2011 8:08 PM
  • author: Zeke Miller
  • quotes:
    • Cantor said Obama walked-out "angrily" after he offered to support two separate debt ceiling votes – a proposal Obama had repeatedly said he would veto.
      • This quote is highly ambiguous: who offered to support the votes? Why would either of them propose it if Obama had already said he would veto it?
    • Update 4: Democratic aides continue to push back against Cantor's account, telling NBC's Luke Russert that Cantor was rude at the end of the meeting, and Obama ended it.
  • summary: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters that President Obama walked out "angrily" from a meeting on the debt ceiling; Democratic aides say that Cantor was rude and Obama merely ended the meeting for the day.
  • topics: Eric Cantor Barack Obama 2011 US debt ceiling