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Foreign facility attacks that took place during the Bush-Cheney administration:

  1. 2002-01-22 - US consulate - Calcutta, India: 5 killed (no Americans) [1]
    • attacked by Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami
  2. 2002-06-14 - US consulate - Karachi, Pakistan: 11 killed (apparently no Americans) [2]
    • "A Taliban splinter group referred to as Al-Qanoon, or "The Law," claimed responsibility for the attacks that also injured 51 people. Two hired guards, a Marine, and five Pakistani staff members were among the injured..."
  3. 2002-10-12 US consulate - Bali, Indonesia [3]
    • "While there were no fatalities at the consulate, seven Americans were among the 202 dead at the coordinated blasts inside a bar and outside a nightclub."
  4. 2003-02-28 US consulate - Karachi, Pakistan: 2 killed (no Americans) [4]
    • "Two police officers have been killed and six others, including one civilian, have been injured after gunmen opened fire outside..."
  5. 2003-05-12 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 36 killed (9 Americans) [5]
    • unclear what type of facility was attacked
  6. 2004-07-30 Tashkent, Uzbekistan: 2 killed
    • "Two Uzbek security guards died... [...] Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan claimed responsibility of the bombing after 15 alleged Islamist militants went on trial."
  7. 2004-12-06 US consulate - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: 9 killed (no Americans) [6]
    • "Islamist militants today attacked [...] with explosives and machine guns, killing four security guards and five staff, Saudi officials said."
  8. 2006-03-02 US consulate - Karachi, Pakistan: 4 killed [7], including US facilities maintenance officer David Foy who was apparently the intended target
    • Foy was widely described in the media as a "US diplomat"; this is not the same as an "ambassador"
  9. 2006-09-12 US compound - Damascus, Syria: 4 killed [8]
    • The Syrian Embassy in Washington issued a statement which noted that "It is regrettable that U.S. policies in the Middle East have fueled extremism, terrorism and anti-U.S. sentiment. . . . The U.S. should take this opportunity to review its policies in the Middle East and start looking at the root causes of terrorism and broker a comprehensive peace in the Middle East."
    • "Relations between the United States and Syria have been tense for years, with the Bush administration denouncing the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for its support of Lebanon's Hezbollah militia and for harboring leaders of Palestinian factions that the United States has designated as terrorist groups."
  10. 2007-01-12 empty US consulate - Athens, Greece: no deaths [9]
  11. 2008-03-18 US embassy - Sana'a, Yemen: 2 killed? 19 killed? (can't confirm) [10]
    • "This was the second attempt at a similar mortar attack on the embassy. The first one missed the embassy and hit a girls' school next door."
  12. 2008-07-09 US consulate - Istanbul, Turkey: 6 killed (no Americans) [11]
  13. 2008-09-17 US embassy - Sana'a, Yemen: 10 killed (2 Americans? 1 American?) [12]

There was no Republican condemnation of Bush for these attacks, much less investigations or attempts to remove him from office.


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