2018 Speakers' Corner attack

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The 2018 Speakers' Corner attack took place on 2017-09-13 in Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London, UK. 60-year-old feminist blogger Maria MacLachlan (MM) was attacked by one or more others involved in protest against a meeting that MM was planning to attend. Transgender woman Tara Wolf (TW) was eventually convicted of the attack, though it is unclear whether she was solely responsible.

MM repeatedly insisted that TW was not a trans woman but was in fact a man, misgendering her throughout the trial.


There was a public debate scheduled in London between feminists and transgender activists over the conflict of interest between women's rights and the transgender movement, with emphasis on the impact of proposed changes to the UK Gender Recognition Act. The event was titled ‘What is Gender? The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond’.[1]


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