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By the time the second plane hit, a large number of cameras were already pointed at the twin towers, making the second impact and subsequent collapses almost certainly the most thoroughly-filmed disaster of all time, if not the most thoroughly-filmed event. (NIST concurs: "The destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001, may have been the most heavily photographed and video recorded disaster in history.", and goes into considerable detail about the circumstances.) This has provided something of a counterbalance to the highly questionable conduct of the official post-collapse investigations, but has also exposed many anomalies which may never be explained satisfactorily.

The unusualness of this is highlighted by the fact that the cost of video-recording technology had been decreasing substantially in the years leading up to the event; video recording of major disasters (with substantial survivorship, anyway) is likely to be more and more thorough as time goes by due to the continued price drops and the growing ubiquity of new devices such as video cell phones and video-capable PDAs.

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major documentary films:



  • A collection of real-time recordings from news channels the morning of 9/11:
    • part 1, ~ 8:30-9:12 a.m. (the first impact is at 8:45, second at 9:02)
    • part 2, ~ 9:12-9:54
    • part 3, ~ 9:55-10:35
    • many additional sets of videos covering straight through until about 9pm
  • 9-11 WTC Videos at 9-11 Research: collapses, witnesses; no impact videos

WTC1 Impact

WTC2 Impact

allegations of fakery

WTC2 Collapse

  • WTC2 collapsing: the "oh my god" video
    • shows close-up of molten metal pouring out near corner seconds before collapse
  • "molten metal" identified as South Tower (brief; no collapse)
  • "9/11 WTC south tower collapse amateur video": Dr. Mark Heath. Good shots of debris cloud as it engulfs the narrator. Rather blurry overall. Lots of footage of trampling through the dust. Weird insect-like noises; Dr. Heath comments on them, doesn't know what they are. Sirens clogged with dust, maybe?
    • anonymous user says: Actually, the sounds are from a PASS (Personal Alert Safety System) device that firefighters wear on their airpacks. The device is designed to emit a loud, pulsating noise if a firefighter is immobile (ie. trapped).

WTC1 Collapse


  • "rare WTC7": building on fire is possibly WTC7; live commentary includes concern about stability of WTC7



Videos covering more than one category

  • unseen footage 9/11: WTC1 post-impact, with closeups of jumpers; audio of the WTC2 impact, but you can't see it; video of the WTC2 collapse-cloud


  • 9/11 Conspiracy Crash Course: (this is part 1; links to all parts are in comments) Covers many of the most solid objections.
  • 9/11 Coincidences:
  • The True Lies of 9/11 (Part I) (where are other parts?): somewhat overdramatic documentary arguing that Flight 175 was not what brought the building down. Presents conflicting descriptions of the plane. Recording of USA Today correspondent Jack Kelley saying that the FBI believed there was most likely a car or truck underneath the building packed with explosives which went off at the same time as the plane impact "the working theory at this point; unconfirmed"; Pat Dawson quotes (probably Albert Turi) about a secondary device. Same set of eyewitness reports of explosions as in another video, maybe some new ones.
    • View across the channel of smoke emerging from the base of WTC1, coincident with faint explosive sounds, just before it starts to collapse. Ends near the beginning of a segment about the Pentagon. (where is next part?)

Eyewitness Accounts


see also 9/11 anomaly denial

  • a teen or 20-something guy objects to the objections:
    • he claims no professional structural engineers agree with the "controlled demolition" theory; this is false (this may be an honest mistake on the part of the video author)
    • he cites the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse as being a similar example of a failure mode not previously encountered, implying that the WTC collapses could be another such phenomenon. What he overlooks, of course, is that in the case of Tacoma Narrows, engineers intensely studied what had happened until they understood (a) why it had happened despite the best design practices of the day, and (b) how to prevent it again. If the WTC collapses were, in fact, due entirely to structural damage and heat from the airplane impact/fire, this would represent a gap in our understanding of structural steel engineering -- one which needs to be filled. Either the collapses came as a huge surprise and structural engineers were caught with their pants down, or the collapses were not due solely to the planes. There is no option to say "the planes hit the buildings and they collapsed, where's the surprise?".


Videos to be checked for content, to see what category they belong in

Much better audio about Albert Turi saying there was a "secondary device"; Pat Dawson reporting:

(Google for "Albert Turrey" finds more)

FAA Manager Mangled, Cut, Destroyed 9/11 Tapes:

  • AV Web: full article requires log-in

Less-useful footage, listed just to prevent re-checking: