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See also: global warming denial



  • Carbon Belch Day although this might be seen as satire (Poe's Law), it was created by an organization whose anti-liberal stance means they are probably genuinely anti-environmental
  • Exploit the Earth or Die sums up with this bogus argument: "Each of us has a choice to make. Will I recognize that man's life is the standard of moral value – that the good is that which sustains and furthers human life – and thus that people have a moral right to use the Earth and its elements for their life-serving needs? Or will I accept the notion that nature has "intrinsic" value – value in and of itself, value apart from and irrespective of human needs – and thus that people have no right to exist?"



  • 2002/05/31 [L..T] WTC Collapse - The Contribution Of Enviro Fanaticism “When the use of asbestos was banned, Levine's insulation had already been installed in the first 64 floors. The newer lightweight construction didn't permit traditional heavy concrete insulation for the remaining 54 floors, and so a nonasbestos substitute was jury-rigged to complete the buildings. On studying the arrangement, Levine said, "If a fire breaks out above the 64th floor, that building will fall down." He was right.”


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  • SAVE THE WHALES... for dessert.