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Autogynephilia is a term coined by American-Canadian sexologist Ray Blanchard which calls attention to the fact that some transgender women do things that some cisgender women do. The argument is partly based on a belief that homosexuality is abnormal, albeit benign[1].

While the classification itself may not make any further claims, it is frequently used by anti-trans activists to portray trans women in a negative light and as not "really" women. Part of the problem is that Blanchard defines these behaviors as "not normal", where the word "normal" when used in the context of social science, is at best an ambiguous term.




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  1. 2013-04-11 How the Psychiatrist Who Co-Wrote the Manual on Sex Talks About Sex (bold added) "I would say if one could start from scratch, ignore all the history of removing homosexuality from the DSM, normal sexuality is whatever is related to reproduction. Now you have everything else. I would distinguish between behaviors which are anomalous and benign vs. those that are malignant. So homosexuality would be not normal but benign."