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Bret Weinstein is host of the DarkHorse Podcast.

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Writings by

  • 2020/11/03 [L..T] Should We End Capitalism? (Douglas Murray & Bret Weinstein) “You have a society that generates a huge amount of wellbeing. That wellbeing is not well-distributed. I do not mean to say it should be evenly distributed... but it's not well-distributed. It's not efficiently distributed with respect to producing the kind of incentive that you would want -- you know, a dyed-in-the-wool libertarian ought to want opportunity better distributed because it results in more people discovering more things that serve us collectively. [...] The revolution that we are watching begin has misunderstood the difference between the noise in the way [...] they've misunderstood the basic fact that their lives will get much, much worse if the engine that creates the wellbeing that is unfairly distributed is turned off.–