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Charlie Hebdo (CH) is a French weekly satire magazine.


  • /Islam: The magazine's satire has often targeted Islam in graphical form; Muslim extremists have returned the favor, with violence, on at least one occasion.



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  • ConservapediaConservapedia is an unreliable source. "a secular left, French, satirical weekly newspaper that often features generally vulgar cartoons (often with stylized cartoon versions of homosexual acts on the cover), articles and profane jokes that "celebrate" freedom of speech for liberal values frequently via blasphemy towards any form of religion, but especially Christianity and Islam."
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I keep hearing that CH was often racist; collecting notes on that here.

The director of Charlie Hebdo, Philippe Val, was charged with "racial insults" after the publication in 2006 of three cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, presumably in the wake of the 2006 Muhammad cartoon riots. (French, English Google translation)