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The Clinton-Gore administration was the 42nd US Presidential administration, lasting for 2 terms (1993 to 2001) and consisting of Bill Clinton as President and Al Gore as Vice President.

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  • Won the 1992 presidential election against George H.W. Bush (R) and H. Ross Perot (I), 1992-11-03, winning the electoral college vote by a wide margin despite having only 43% of the popular vote, which was nonetheless the largest portion due to the substantial three-way split.
  • Assumed office in 1993 (date?)

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  • commentary at the Asheville Global Report criticizes Clinton's handling of Iraq during the later years of his administration

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  • Is this article related to what the Globalist article is about, or what? Is the 1994 article even substantially accurate? Need a clearer understanding of what happened in the Balkans and what Clinton's role (and the U.S.'s role) actually was.