Cliquian belief

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Text, posted by "Trump Supporter": "I think what most liberals are missing is that this isn't about right and wrong, it's about winning and losing. I've attached my entire worldview to this man and I am going down with the ship. Not one of you is going to convince me otherwise." It's not clear whether this is a genuine sentiment or a Poe, but it does seem consistent with the mindset.


Cliquian belief is a form of belief system which supports a belief-clique's common, pre-existing beliefs – often in the face of rational, evidence-based criticism. Where the clique's beliefs contradict evidence, the cliquian belief system is necessarily antiepistemic, since otherwise it would have updated its beliefs in the face of said evidence.

As the scientific understanding of reality has grown to encompass many areas that were formerly a matter of opinion, belief-cliques have repeatedly faced a choice between adopting antiepistemic methods to preserve their existing beliefs or becoming more liberal (e.g. accepting non-literal interpretations of scripture, rejecting "infallibility" doctrines, and so forth).


  • Cliquian belief systems usually include a moral code.
  • Cliquian belief systems tend to be vulnerable to centralized control via mass media, since individuals are prone to adopting whatever beliefs they believe that the rest of the clique believes (whether or not the rest of the clique actually does believe those things), and strongly inhibited against questioning those beliefs.


  • 2017-12-26 Laurelai Bailey: end of an insightful tootstorm about the cliquian mindset