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The removal of a national right to abortion is resulting in children having to cross state lines for a life-saving procedure.


After the Supreme Court removed national protection of the right to abortion, many conservoid-dominated states have made it illegal to various extents -- in some cases, with no exceptions for rape or incest. This has resulted in minors needing to cross state lines in order to obtain abortions, often medically necessary because their bodies are in no way equipped to carry a child to term safely.

Most notably, a 10-year-old girl who was raped in Ohio had to travel to Indiana to have her pregnancy aborted. This event made human life absolutists look so bad that they had to furiously question the veracity of the story (including a house editorial in the Wall Street Journal and a supposed fact-check piece in the Washington Post), but it has been confirmed by subsequent events:

  • confession and arrest of the man who raped her
  • Indiana Attorney General threatening the doctor who treated her

It seems likely that many supporters of the Death of Roe decision believed that minor-rape pregnancies would be a Shirley exception, and are unable to accept the true monstrosity of the laws which are in fact being imposed.

Prominent conservoid Megan McArdle, while apparently accepting the veracity of this event, has argued that it isn't so bad because the rate of minors getting abortions in Ohio last year was only about one per week.


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