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Eugene Brown is running for re-election to the City Council in Durham, NC in the 2007-10-09 elections.



Durham People's Alliance, aka PA PAC, said in a mailed flyer received 2007-09-27:

Incumbent council member Eugene Brown is completing his first term. Four years ago, some of our members had misgivings about the breadth of his commitment to progressive government. He has dispelled these concerns and demonstrated time and again that he deserves PA's support. Gene is a good guardian of the city's finances and a good watchdog of community resources. He has compiled a creditable record as an advocate for neighborhoods and a person who does his homework and remains well-informed. With council members Mike Woodard and Diane Catotti, he has formed the core of a progressive and fiscally responsible group on Council and we want them to continue their good work on behalf of the citizens of Durham.