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  • 2022/12/05 [L..T] A Parent Speaks Out After Armed Fascists Force School Drag Event's Cancelation «The father of two children who attended Red Oak Community School spoke with us about the school and its values, and the impact of the terrorism that resulted in the cancelation of the Holi-Drag Storytime event.»
  • 2022/12/04 [L..T] Armed Fascist Group Terrorizes Church, Shuts Down Youth Story Hour «Armed fascists successfully intimidated a church in Ohio into cancelling a Drag Queen Story Hour event yesterday. A group of masked fascists paraded in paramilitary style chanting “Life, Liberty, Victory” while others wore camouflage and military gear. Many openly carried long guns, and protest signs accused organizers and participants of this costume, dance, and story-reading event of child abuse. Terrorized participants were forced to make the call to cancel in light of lackluster police involvement in security and fears from performers that they would not be safe.»
  • 2022/11/25 [L..T] WPATH Experts Rebuke NYT on Puberty Blockers «On November 22 the medical organization responsible for setting standards for providers of gender affirming care, WPATH, released a statement in response to the terrible New York Times piece on puberty blockers. Saying that the Times piece “furthers the atmosphere of misinformation and subjectivity,” WPATH did not mince words, condemning the use of sources unfamiliar with transgender medicine as well as some of the methods undertaken by the Times reporters.»
  • 2022/11/14 [L..T] NYT Investigation Offers Biased Reporting on Puberty Blocker Concerns «It's an overtly biased piece of work, and will no doubt spur a heck of a lot of articles from trans people, and allies, seeking to fact check and provide context and criticism on where the Times reporters, Megan Twohey and Christina Jewett, went so wrong. As our specific beat is media criticism, this piece will highlight the clearest journalistic errors, weaselly phrasing, and other poor choices made in the writing and editing of this piece.»
  • 2018/06/22 [L..T] Contra the Fearmongering Atlantic Story, Trans-Affirming Care Is Great for Kids «Given all this hand-wringing over the children, it feels necessary to say, unambiguously, that such fears are overblown and can lead parents astray, guiding them toward decisions that may permanently harm their kids and endanger their relationship with them for the rest of their lives. Contrary to the fears of Singal and his ilk, current research supports a flexible approach that does not push children toward any particular outcome, and best practices put the needs of seriously distressed children first.»