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A frozen fruit status quo warrior (FFSQW) is a type of status quo warrior whose passion for social justice seems to begin and end with free speech, but more as a reflexive rebuttal than as a genuine principle.

They argue for free speech sincerely, but on almost anything else their complacency has left them in a position where they don't go after abusers, and instead often counsel victims to "ignore it" or "toughen up" or "kill them with kindness" or "show them they're wrong", etc.

Telling complainers to be quiet is always easier than actually listening, and way easier than actually taking on abusers/harassers – so they tend towards it.



Some FFSQWs are actually frozen fruit nazis, but it can be very difficult to tell the difference.


The originator of this term (or at least the "frozen fruit" prefix) wishes to remain anonymous.