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The phrase "freeze peach" is more or less synonymous with free speech trolling, i.e. arguments ostensibly supporting the principle of freedom of speech where the arguer doesn't really seem to actually understand the principle, and is using the phrase "free speech" more like a weapon than as a conceptual reference.

When misused repeatedly in this way, the phrase "free speech" essentially becomes just a set of phonemes that is repeated like an incantation, and which could just as easily be "freeze peach" for all the actual meaning that is attached to it.


This is the mindset that drives the frozen fruit status quo warrior phenomenon, and to some extent the frozen fruit Nazi phenomenon (where the speaker may well understand the concept, but is using it as a means to an end in which they will suppress the free speech of others).



  • RationalWiki's page by this name was deleted on 2013-01-17, but there is a definition under freedom of speech#Free_Speech_vs_Frea_Speach_and_Freeze_Peach: "frea speach" can profitably be used to describe any perception of a right to keep shovelling bullshit at people without fear of being corrected or even challenged. [...] Some social justice advocates also use the expression "Freeze Peach" in reference to people who erroneously believe that negative responses to offensive, harassing, or threatening speech – such as being blocked from a blog's comments section or targeted for an advertising boycott – constitute a violation of their free speech rights.[1] (lightly edited for grammar/punctuation)


  • 2015-05-24 What's freeze peach all about? "It's become common, when confronted about obnoxious or disagreeable behavior on an online forum such as this one, for someone to claim "they have the right to free speech", which is a bastardization of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The above Amendment bars governments from restricting a citizens right to speech; however it does not mean administrators and moderators can't police speech on their owned turf."