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Parler was taken down by after repeated incidents of users posting violent threats, which is not a form of protected speech. (related)


Free speech trolling is a form of discussion trolling in which the principle of free speech is used as justification for speech that harms others, often by suppressing the speech of others through intimidation via threats, harassment, and doxxing.

In the latter case, the underlying argument can be roughly paraphrased as "I have a right to say that you should shut up. If you disagree, then you're against free speech – so shut up and stop censoring me!"


Known Free Speech Trolls

  • Milo Yiannopoulos: advocated for the firing of a university professor with whom he disagreed
  • Ann Coulter: turned a necessary schedule change into 'liberal free speech suppression'



Free speech trolls were generally nowhere to be found when Gawker was under attack. See Gawker Was Murdered by Gaslight.


  • 2020/10/14 [L..T] The Curse of Monster Island: a four year experiment in unmoderated free speech “Gather round friends, I want to tell you a true horror story. I can’t promise a twist ending; the monster is still going to turn out to be humans with funny hats on. What I can promise is a direct connection to a recent high-profile act of violence, and an increased anxiety about unregulated internet speech.
  • 2008/11/25 [L..T] The price of dissent on global warming “According to official data, in every year since 1998, world temperatures have been getting colder, and in 2002 Arctic ice actually increased. Why, then, do we not hear about that?”