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Connections to Bush Iraq Lies Study

It is widely claimed in neoconservative circles that a study published by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) and funded by the Fund for Independence in Journalism (FIJ) was funded by Soros. No evidence seems to be presented for this connection, however, other than links which do not pan out. "The Center for Public Integrity is one of many George Soros fronts," says Michelle Malkin refers to CPI and FIJ as having "ties to BDS sugar daddy George Soros." Yet neither CPI nor FIJ are among the many organizations listed in the article about Soros on the right-wing Discover the Networks site.

It may well be that Soros has connections with the CPI and/or FIJ, but what is it, exactly, that causes those on the right to believe that this is the case? If true, what point does it make?



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