Ground Zero Mosque

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"The Ground Zero Mosque" is the name which has been given in the popular media and other discussion forum to Park51 (originally called Cordoba House), a Muslim mosque and community center planned for construction at the site of a Burlington Coat Factory building which was damaged in the 9/11 attacks on New York City.

Half the country (and even a few outside it, such as Pat Condell) seems to think that this is an affront to the victims of those attacks and a sign of the incipient defeat of Western Civilization by the forces of Islam, apparently being unaware that many peaceful Muslims in the Twin Towers and in the emergency response teams were also killed on 9/11 and that America is not supposedly at war against Islam (indeed, for the US to be at war with a religion would violate the separation of church and state and hence be against the US Constitution) but with against terrorism.