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Debaticons are like emoticons for showing the structure of an argument or discussion. In much the same way a "smiley" or "frowny" emoticon is a graphical shorthand to indicate happiness or unhappiness with a statement, debaticons are graphical shorthands to indicate a given statement's position with respect to the overall debate.

See Issuepedia:Structured Debate for details on how debaticons are used in the context of Issuepedia's proposed rules.


key icons

Arrow-button-rt-25px.png Main point / claim
Arrow-button-up-25px.png Supporting point
Arrow-button-dn-25px.png Counterpoint
Arrow-button-i-20px.png Information stipulated by both sides, or from an agreed-on authority


It's less certain how useful these will be; possibly handy for experimentation.

Button-quote.pngButton-unquote.png quote open/close; see Template:Arg/quote
Button-check-20px.png possibly statements posted by one side and agreed by the other (where the "I" debaticon indicates items agreed to beforehand)
  • "X" icons, generally intended to indicate some clear error or misuse (e.g. a logical fallacy or factual error):
Button-green-X.20px.png discovery of error supports main claim; see Template:Arg/support/fact
Button-red-X.20px.png discovery of error weakens main claim; see Template:Arg/counter/fact
Button-e!-20px.png Error: early, less-clear version of red X icon

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  • the debaticons category is where we will keep all our debaticon images and templates


right-arrow debaticon Stuff exists!
up-arrow debaticon Indeed, surveys show that nothing could be more true!
down-arrow debaticon That is an utter load of foetid dingo's kidneys!
up-arrow debaticon Even if stuff is a load of foetid dingo's kidneys, foetid dingo's kidneys do in fact exist and therefore so does stuff!
right-arrow debaticon Stuff made by Big Phatt Lyar Industries is better than the stuff made by Quality Products, Inc.
up-arrow debaticon A spokesman for Bigg Phatt Lyar Industries said: quote debaticon Our products are absolutely the finest quality of any products anywhere, so there is no need for people to go criticizing them. Criticism hampers quality control, which only harms the consumer. Button-unquote.png
down-arrow debaticon A company spokesman would probably say that whether or not it was true.


Points are supporting (Arrow-button-up-25px.png) if they support the current main point (Arrow-button-rt-25px.png). If a point supports the current counterpoint (Arrow-button-dn-15px.png), then it is also a counterpoint. If it argues against the current counterpoint, then it is a supporting point. (This way you don't have to go up through the levels counting in order to figure out which "side" a point is on.)