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A logical fallacy is a seemingly logical or rational argument which violates the rules of logic. Logical fallacy is a technique often used (perhaps unwittingly) in rhetorical discourse to persuade others without sound reasoning, i.e. rhetorical deception.

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  • 2007-08-15 One Argument Against An Army: this may illustrate a form of logical fallacy
  • 2007-04-27 The Fallacy Fallacy warns against the idea that an argument is invalid just because it follows the form of a logical fallacy. The article does not, however, give any examples of valid arguments presented in a fallacious form. That said, it would seem true that most logical fallacies have valid arguments at their core, but that they have been somehow misapplied to a new context; it is worth cataloging these errors, as they are both frequent and hard to spot (possibly because they play on flaws in our lower-level reasoning systems).


  • This post contains a large collection of logical fallacy memes featuring a sports referee.