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A McCain supporter told me today that JFK blundered relations with Russia so badly that it resulted in Nikita Khruschev building the Berlin Wall and precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis -- JFK successfully called K's bluff on Cuba, but it was a near thing. Apparently this incident makes Kennedy an example of a president as bad as George W. Bush. I can't see how a well-intentioned diplomatic blunder early in office is remotely equivalent to the repeated errors of judgment against the advice of the most qualified advisors, not to mention the policy of ongoing diplomatic blundering known as the Bush Doctrine and Bush's downright criminal behavior on many fronts. --Woozle 23:33, 23 October 2008 (UTC)


  • 1963-06-04: signed Executive Order 11110 authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to print silver certificates without prior permission from the President
    • It has been argued that this act was the motive for Kennedy's assassination half a year later.



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