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In the United Kingdom, as in other parts of Europe the idea of multiculturalism has encountered substantial resistance. This is at least partly due to political distortion of the word "multiculturalism" as well as popular perception of an ongoing Islamic cultural invasion.

The UK has opened its doors to many immigrants from former colonial powers, providing plenty of fuel for any political fires.


  • Riots by youths from Asia (i.e. from the India subcontinent) in the early 2000s.
  • Circumstantial evidence that Pakistani immigrants were considered a problem as early as 1969 (The Beatles at one point in 1969 sang their song "Get Back" with lyrics decrying Pakistanis taking domestic jobs; User:Woozle remembers schoolkids in Oxford, England making derogatory remarks about Pakistanis or "Pakis" in 1973-4)
  • As of the mid-1970s, black people seemed to have integrated into English society far better than most black people in the United States (User:Woozle, personal observations, 1970s-1980s); this may have reversed over the following three or so decades.