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Newsweek is a weekly American news magazine.
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  • 2009-06-03 [Talk|Index] Project Expose MSM Reports § “Mr. Isikoff's story [in Newsweek] instead advanced the FBI's already-discredited point of view that the FBI's Translation Division's problems could be summed up as a 'shortage.' The article completely ignored and omitted established cases, problems, and severe weaknesses in the FBI's background security check of applicant translators, security measures in preventing espionage and security breaches, and quality control for translated work.”
  • 2007-08-05 [Talk|Index] Newsweek's Climate Editorial Screed Violates Basic Standards of Journalism § “Newsweek Magazine’s cover story of August 13, 2007 entitled, “The Truth About Denial” contains very little that could actually be considered balanced, objective or fair by journalistic standards.”