Post abortion syndrome

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Post abortion syndrome (PAS) is a medical condition which anti-abortion advocates claim is very common among women who have undergone the process of abortion. It is not recognized by any official medical or psychiatric organization.



  • Wikipedia: "While some studies have shown a correlation between abortion and clinical depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors, or adverse effects on women's sexual functions for a small number of women, these correlations may be explained by pre-existing social circumstances and emotional health."
  • Conservapedia: no information as of 2011-07-24
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  • AbortionFacts (see


  • 1998-07-01 [L..T] Abortion Clinic Chain Operator Now Pro-Life and Speaking Out Eric Harrah was part owner of one of the nation's largest chains of abortion clinics. He recently converted to Christianity and walked away from the lucrative business of killing unborn children. Dr. Willke and Brad Mattes interviewed him regarding his involvement in the abortion industry.