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  • 2018-07-06 [L..T] Director’s Desk: Portland has criminalized poverty and mental illness “Now we know: More than half of the people arrested in Portland last year were homeless. [...] The ACLU of Oregon issued a report last year documenting 224 laws around the state that target people who are homeless. It identified laws that target people for sleeping in public places, for begging for money and for loitering. In other words, ACLU of Oregon researchers identified laws that matter only if you are homeless.”
  • 2014-07-16 [L..T] Everybody I know is on Food Stamps. "Everybody I know is on Food Stamps. We have jobs, but the jobs pay so low that we still need help. We stock shelves, pump gas, and cook your food. Stuff that needs to be done, but is somehow not "Real Work" or a "Real Job." Let's not even go into the fact that a good chunk of us went to college so we could have a "Real Job" but when we finished those "Real Jobs" turned out to be as mythical as the Yeti or Brownies."

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