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Red Thread Studios, LLC was an escape room company in Portland, Oregon, first registered with the Oregon Secretary of State on 2015-03-16. It filed for administrative dissolution on 2018-05-17.

Principals have included[1]:

  • Andrew Michael Lind of Tacoma, WA (co-founder)
  • Tessa Lovelace of Portland, OR (co-founder)
    • listed under their "Straw" deadname
  • Shawn Swain of Portland, OR
  • Vincent Stevens of Estacada, OR

As of 2018-06-08, Tessa is no longer listed as a principal on the official registration.[2] Tessa has been involved in a legal dispute with Red Thread, as well as having won the right[3] to retain ownership of a number of domain names used by Red Thread (,,,



  • As of 2017-09-05, Red Thread had failed to renew registration on their trademark "Labyrinth Escape Games".[4]


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