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Oregon, United States
OregonUnited States


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  • ConservapediaConservapedia is an unreliable source. "Although Oregon has been a blue state in presidential elections since 1988, Eastern Oregon is one of the major conservative red state parts of Oregon along with Southwest Oregon."


  • 2018/07/04 [L..T] Sheriff's office called on Oregon state legislator for representing constituents while black “"Casing" the neighborhood by knocking on doors and having extended conversations with the homeowners, carrying only a phone, a pen, and some leaflets. Bynum appears to have, sadly, taken it in stride. "It was just bizarre," she told an Oregonian reporter. "It boils down to people not knowing their neighbors and people having a sense of fear in their neighborhoods, which is kind of my job to help eradicate. But at the end of the day, it's important for people to feel like they can talk to each other to help minimize misunderstandings." Indeed. Had the woman who called the cops – it was a woman – simply engaged with Bynum, problem solved.”