Resource exhaustion denial

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Resource exhaustion denial is the belief, against all evidence, that extractive resources are actually inexhaustible.

One major proponent of theories claiming to support this belief is John Brätland, whose work on the subject is promoted by the Ludwig von Mises Institute [W].

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Types of resource exhaustion denial include:


  • 2008 Resource Exhaustibility: A Myth Refuted by Entrepreneurial Capital Maintenance by John Brätland: " the [resource exhaustion] myth has been manifested in the long-held notion that all extractive resources are subject to eventual exhaustion and that this prospect should be cause for public alarm. This alarm has conditioned theoretical thinking about public policy in connection with sustainability (Brätland 2006) and has prompted policy discussion of government subsidies for alternative fuels. An examination of the myth reveals, however, that it has its origins in neglect and ignorance of entrepreneurial capital maintenance as it operates in the economics of extractive resources." -- seems to be arguing that all resources are inexhaustible if we just manage our money properly.