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Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021) was a viciously conservatist AM radio talk show host in the United States.

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A poster on Contrary Brin writes:

I've been listening to Rush Limbaugh et al. non-stop since the last presidential election in an effort to completely internalize the worldview of the "anti-modernists." I'll summarize their reasons for the anti-filibuster:

  1. Liberals never achieve anything. They just sit around and endlessly talk and are always pessimistic.
  2. If liberals don't like someone, they and the liberal mainstream media will simply amplify everything negative about that person, be it Bolton, Owens, Janice Brown etc. and will never present them in a fair light.
  3. If we let the liberals have their way, they'll ruin our country just as they've ruined our education system - probably true.
  4. The filibuster was a bad thing anyway - look at the history of the white Southern democrats who used the filibuster in the 60s against the civil rights movement.

And on and on. If you listen to Rush and company long enough, you pick up a lot of things that you can actually agree with. However, most of it is presented in a warped, bigoted, echo chamber like manner and with tremendous amount of paranoia and pseudo-underdog feel thereby negating itself.

from Contrary Brin, 2005-05-11, reader comment on "Modern(ist) Political Subtlety - or Why "Majority Rule" is a Deadly Ruse"



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