2009-03-07 Limbaugh defines bipartisanship

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"Bipartisan DEFINED !" : RUSH LIMBAUGH : CPAC Convention 2009
2009/03/07 00:00


This is a 46-second video clip of Rush Limbaugh at the 2009 CPAC Convention saying:

Bipartisanship occurs only after one other result, and that is victory. In other words let's say, as conservatives, liberals demand that we be bipartisan with them in Congress. What they mean is we check our core principles at the door, come in, let them run the show, and then agree with them -- that's bipartisanship to them. To us, bipartisanship is them being forced to agree with us after we have politically cleaned their clocks and beaten them. [applause begins] And that has to be what we're focused on.

Limbaugh deliberately mischaracterizes the liberal position on bipartisanship so as to justify the only position which is consistent with conservative behavior, and which presumably has long been held by but never (or rarely) openly admitted.