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Governor of Wisconsin, 2011-?

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These statements about Walker's actions while governor of Wisconsin are probably true, but sources need to be found:

  • stripped workers' rights (even Conservapedia acknowledges "Walker's decision to end union collective bargaining and force employees to fund part of their pensions, as well as to contribute to their own health and life insurance."
  • paid $500k in legal fees to a friend's law firm to help with this
  • slashed billions of dollars from public schools
  • cut over $500m in medical care for seniors
  • raised taxes on seniors and poor families by $70m
  • cut taxes for corporations and the extremely wealthy by $2b
  • increased tuition for college students / cut funding to universities
  • repeatedly joined in attempts to repeal Obamacare
  • is against gay marriage and even gay domestic partnerships
  • killed high speed rail (and the jobs that would have created)
  • tried to kill clean water laws
  • advocated for polluters
  • passed the most restrictive voting laws in the nation



  • Wikipedia
  • ConservapediaConservapedia is an unreliable source. "the governor has set out on a mission to reduce costs across the board and to make Wisconsin a business-friendly state..."
  • dKosopedia: barely a seed article
  • SourceWatch has a lot of information