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ZELIKOW Part 3, subtitled "Carving Up Iraq (While Not Being Seen as a Carver)" was posted to YouTube on August 24, 2007 and features more Q&A with Zelikow on the radio at the Chautauqua Institution.


from the YouTube posting:

Philip Zelikow was Condoleezza Rice's choice to write the draconian 2002 National Security Strategy which launched the 'war on terror,' calling for preemptive strikes, with nukes if necessary, on stateless 'terrorists.' In this clip of an August 9, 2007 radio interview conducted at Chautauqua Institution, Zelikow explains how the US should not be SEEN to be carving up Iraq, that potentially rich prize for the taking after most of the people have been subdued or exterminated. Zelikow himself, of course, is one of the butcher knife wielders, the carvers of Iraq. He's in on the action at all phases. Asked to comment on the partitioning of Iraq, Zelikow dips into his Machiavellian bag of tricks, coming up with dissimulation: appear disinterested, above it all. In contrast to directly carving up Iraq, Zelikow counsels opportunism: adapt to whatever circumstances arise, from 'happy times, partition, or worse.'