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Colin Powell said in February 2001, presumably speaking of Saddam Hussein:

He has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors.

Condoleezza Rice said in July, 2001, presumably speaking of Saddam Hussein:

We are able to keep arms from him; his military forces have not been rebuilt.



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  • 2008-06-01 [Talk|Index] Mother who defied the killers is gunned down § [2]“Five weeks ago Leila Hussein told The Observer the chilling story of how her husband had killed their 17-year-old daughter over her friendship with a British soldier in Basra. Now Leila, who had been in hiding, has been murdered - gunned down in cold blood.” Will the father face charges? How can the US say they have brought democracy and freedom to Iraq when this sort of thing happens?
  • 2007-03-05 [Talk|Index] The Redirection § [2]by Seymour M. Hersh: “Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” Points out that the Iraq War benefits Iran, but seems to assume that nobody could have foreseen this -- when it was in fact predicted by David Brin (and possibly others), who suggested at the time that this fact should be used to obtain concessions from Iran thus making the present situation less likely. The fact that this was not done adds to the case that the Bush administration is actually looking for excuses to go to war rather than trying to prevent it.
  • 1993-06-27 [Talk|Index] US Fires Missiles at Baghdad, Citing April Plot to Kill Bush § “The United States launched a missile attack against Iraq tonight in retaliation for what President Clinton described as a "loathsome and cowardly" attempt to assassinate former President George Bush during a visit to Kuwait in April.”





  • 1992-09-29 video Gore criticizes Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorism: Al Gore criticizes George H.W. Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorists and disregarding Iraq's attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Gives a good rundown of US-Iraqi relations up to that point, mainly constituting of appeasement in an attempt to get Saddam to stop torturing his people, attacking US military, and seeking to acquire WMDs.