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When Children Say They’re Trans
2018/07/01 00:00


It would be nice to find out if "Claire" has continued to be happy with the decision not to transition. Did the article even mention the percentage that "Claire" represents? (Pro-tip: it's tiny.)



  • 2018/06/22 [L..T] Contra the Fearmongering Atlantic Story, Trans-Affirming Care Is Great for Kids «Given all this hand-wringing over the children, it feels necessary to say, unambiguously, that such fears are overblown and can lead parents astray, guiding them toward decisions that may permanently harm their kids and endanger their relationship with them for the rest of their lives. Contrary to the fears of Singal and his ilk, current research supports a flexible approach that does not push children toward any particular outcome, and best practices put the needs of seriously distressed children first.»