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Types of Abuse

From Online Hate Crime Report 2020:

  • Quotes about transmisia from survey respondents:
    • "There are just pages and pages of anti-trans comments on trans related articles saying we should be killed, have mental illness, and are paedophiles."
    • "He would post photos of these trans women from before and after transition, and publicly invite people to post abuse at them for being trans and how they look."
    • "Transphobia from within the LGBT community is common, particularly gay men and lesbians"
    • Abuse from transphobic activists:
      • "I am frequently trolled by anti-trans feminists."
      • "Terf hate speech is pretty constant. They tend to be very proactive in pushing hate speech and trying to prevent trans people from having acceptance, human rights and access to treatment."
      • "As a trans woman online, radical feminists have called me (and often all trans women) rapists and paedophiles hundreds of times. The worst incidents involved threats to report me to the police on fabricated charges as 'a man and a rapist'."
    • "I run an online trans rights campaign which is regularly targeted by transphobes who wish to say transphobic things or deny trans people identities."