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15 July 2020 14:03:00 by zaelefty

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ScienceVet's thread on the sex spectrum is one of the most shared pieces on the subject.

Let's break it down and analyze the details of his argument with peer-reviewed science.

THREAD (citations numbered).

Link: 2018-08-30 15:21 @ScienceVet2 "So. Hi new people! Apparently, we're gonna talk about sex. Like physical sex! Because... there's some confusion. (tweet archive)


2020-07-15 02:03 reply zaelefty PART ONE--Defining Sex

ScienceVet's premise is that sex is not binary (either/or), but rather a spectrum comprised of variation in anatomy and physiology.

He's correct that there is indeed a spectrum of anatomy and physiology, but does this make a spectrum of sex?