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2nd sentence: "When we are born, doctors assign us a gender based on our external genitalia." My God do they really think doctors are actually assigning a baby's IDENTITY at birth instead of recording their SEX? I know the answer is yes, but it's so dumb I can hardly believe it.  +
Also, my sources tell me that the UK only legally recognizes a person's stated gender identity IF they first obtain a "gender recognition certificate", which requires a long and difficult process to obtain -- including "living as" that gender for 2 years, medical diagnosis...  +
I didn't say trans women are a threat, I said, and have always said that men are a threat. I have also consistently said that it's easy to claim an identity if you don't have to do anything to prove it. Say-so alone is the issue, not being trans. As I've always said.  +
I don't think that's quite accurate. As I understand it, the push is to make it easier to do, but still requiring a process -- like the process for changing your legal name. The "real-life test" is gender-policing and needs to go.  +
I recently tried explaining that I wasn’t "assigned" female at birth, I am female and was correctly recorded as such by the doctor upon my birth. I was told I was practicing “self-hatred” by not essentially saying the doctor was wrong. Wtf have things come to?  +
Is this satire? Make your best case below. <h2>Link</h2> '''2019-12-11''' [ Why the Term Transition is Transphobic]  +
Okay. Thank you for clarifying. Now: 1. Where's the evidence that these folks just had to claim female identity one time, and were immediately granted legal status as such? 2. Why is {stolen womanhood} the problem, and not {allowing violent and nonviolent offenders to mix}?  +
One example -- or even a list of examples -- of violent, abusive trans women does not constitute supporting evidence for the claim that trans women are a threat. We need statistics.  +
PART ONE--Defining Sex ScienceVet's premise is that sex is not binary (either/or), but rather a spectrum comprised of variation in anatomy and physiology. He's correct that there is indeed a spectrum of anatomy and physiology, but does this make a spectrum of sex?  +
ScienceVet's thread on the sex spectrum is one of the most shared pieces on the subject. Let's break it down and analyze the details of his argument with peer-reviewed science. THREAD (citations numbered). <hr> '''Link''': [ 2018-08-30 15:21 @ScienceVet2] "So. Hi new people! Apparently, we're gonna talk about sex. Like physical sex! Because... there's some confusion. ([ tweet] [ archive])  +
She is female in a male-format body.  +
That's what all the fighting is about. There's a big push to change this to say-so alone. Hell, no. Meanwhile, all resistance to this is being characterised as a roll-back of existing rights. They're lying. We want to keep things as they are.  +
The doctor never wrote "man", the doctor wrote male. This was accurate, no matter how I may wish it wasn't. My sex wasn't assigned, it was simply observed. If the doctor was wrong, why would I have developed a MALE body? Why would I need hormones? Why even transition?  +
They say it's easier to do so but rely on say-so alone. Without some indicator that the person is actually trans and not just faking it to gain access to women-only services it's a safeguarding nightmare that has already happened. There are many more examples if you want them.  +
This is the problem. Indulging it is not a solution.  +
This! A trans woman on twitter insisted that she was a female just like me & just needed hormons & surgeries to fix herself. I then pointed out, if she were a female, she wouldn't be a trans woman. Of course she called me a hateful, transphobic bigot with 'outdated' views 😐  +
You're assuming that femaleness is something other than biological. [[Tweet/1283462168478973952|2020-07-15 @zaelefty]] It's not. Were that true, we could identify out of sex-based oppression, pay gaps, and things like that.  +
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