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21 July 2020 19:27:00 by wendycockcroft

reply for Tweet/1285717239119970311 by Woozalia

I didn't say trans women are a threat, I said, and have always said that men are a threat. I have also consistently said that it's easy to claim an identity if you don't have to do anything to prove it.

Say-so alone is the issue, not being trans.

As I've always said.


2020-07-21 09:03 reply Woozalia Also, my sources tell me that the UK only legally recognizes a person's stated gender identity IF they first obtain a "gender recognition certificate", which requires a long and difficult process to obtain -- including "living as" that gender for 2 years, medical diagnosis...
2020-07-21 08:21 reply Woozalia Okay. Thank you for clarifying.

Now: 1. Where's the evidence that these folks just had to claim female identity one time, and were immediately granted legal status as such?

2. Why is {stolen womanhood} the problem, and not {allowing violent and nonviolent offenders to mix}?