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2022 stealth Republican School Board takeover attempt


"Better Schools" refers to the Republican-backed "Better Board, Better Schools" initiative

This year's school board election has been targeted for takeover – as have others across the country – by anti-education, anti-democratic interests with GOP backing, who have put forward a slate of far-right candidates under the slogan "Better Board, Better Schools".


From EQV Analytics[1]:

Curtis Hrischuk, an evangelical Catholic, reveals himself on Facebook to be an anti-semitic, climate-denying, anti-vaxx creationist in favor of starving local governments (including our public schools) of revenue.

Joetta MacMiller is listed as a member of The New Group of Patriots, which describes its mission as "to destroy the socialist takeover of our lives and the American dream." She's listed as a participant in the notoriously homophobic NC Values Coalition's upcoming 'Mama Bear Workshop,' which states that "Protecting our children from harmful curriculum and indoctrination in school is a battle for their very hearts and minds."

EQV doesn't have much on Valarie Jarvis, but that's likely because she doesn't seem to have an online presence and has failed to respond to questionniaires -- issues which rather indicate her lack of anything useful to contribute.

Christopher Burns is, according to EQV, an independent contractor "with zero employees" and who "pocketed over $30,000 in subsequently forgiven Paycheck Protection Program loans in 2020/2021".[2]

Gayathri Rajaraman announced that she’s running for the school board at the behest of Immanuel Jarvis (Valarie's husband). Like Burns, she has a scant social media presence but told the INDY she doesn’t think younger students should learn about topics like the historical racism upon which the nation was largely built.[2]


NC state law requires School Board elections to be "nonpartisan", which means that candidates' party affiliations are not shown on the ballot. Since this law has somehow been selectively countermanded in some GOP-heavy counties but not in any that lean Democratic, it seems clear that this is to help facilitate Republican infiltration into Democratic-leaning districts without allowing movement in the other direction.

Liberal and progressive voters who often default to Democratic candidates may accidentally vote for one or more of these wingnut ringers, as some of them sound very plausible on the surface and will have some name-familiarity due to campaign advertising.




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