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In 2013, the newly-elected Republican majority took power, and promptly began packing the state into a handbasket for its planned shipment to hell.

Following up on their earlier attempts to legislate certain effects of global warming out of existence (or at least out of public awareness)[1][2][3], Republican Governor Pat McCrory immediately started exploring ways to sell the idea of further environmental pollution as an economic benefit[4], especially for coastal communities[5].

In April, Republicans submitted bills:

  • to allow NC state courts to override federal law in matters of prayer, once again violating the US constitution. (NC is already in violation by virtue of its religious requirement for political office.)
  • to reduce voting by college students

The Senate also voted to block Medicaid expansion (which would have brought in additional federal funds for healthcare) and repealed the Racial Justice Act, and Governor McCrory proposed a plan to privatize Medicaid.

the basket

  • Appointments:
    • Cabinet:
      • Art Pope is now in charge of the state budget[6]
      • Kieran Shanahan, found guilty of assaulting a neighbor's children, now leads the Department of Public Safety.[6]
      • John Skvarla, a science skeptic and former employer of Art Pope, takes over the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.[6]
      • Tony Tata, fired as superintendent of the state's largest public school system (Wake County) following a transportation fiasco, is now in charge of the Department of Transportation.[6]
    • other:
      • Buddy Collins, who doesn't believe anyone needs protection from bullying, is now on the state Board of Education[7]


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