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The US Department of Homeland Security was created primarily in response to the 9/11 attacks, with President George W. Bush both announcing its creation (on 2001-09-20) and signing it into law. Its creation was controversial, and many people continue to regard it as a bad idea.

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The DHS is also responsible for the dubious color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System, whose purpose is unclear and which seems primarily designed to ensure elevated levels of fear among the general citizenry and thus more likely to support the Bush administration (a study has demonstrated that fear motivates voters to prefer Bush over Kerry [1]; the Bush administration seems well aware of their position as the party of choice for the fearful).


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  • wikipedia:User talk: apparently someone(s) at the DHS have been adding seemingly random or useless text to Wikipedia, or perhaps someone has hacked in to one or more DHS computers and is committing mischief through them; this seems like a distinct possibility, given the DHS's "F" rating in computer security (see 2006-03-15 WP). Shouldn't the pro-war crowd be concerned about this possibility?