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Union Agricultural Institute (UAI) was a nonprofit agricultural organization in Blairsville, Georgia. One of its main projects was an eight-acre biodynamic farm, but its web site focused exclusively on marketing the Quantum Field Broadcaster device developed by UAI founder Hugh Lovel.

Hugh Lovel seems to have left Georgia and moved to Australia (he is listed as a "contributor" to Acres Australia), leaving the organization (Union Agricultural Institute, Inc CSA) and land in the hands of Dale Michels and Shabari Bird ("widow of Christopher Bird, author of Secrets of the Soil and Secret Life of Plants"). As of January 2008, they were seeking a tenant farmer. [1]

Same Name

"Union Agricultural Institute" was also the name of a small rural "negro" elementary school in Conecuh County, Alabama from 1901 to at least 1915.[2]


The organization and its farm were located at 8475 Dockery Road., Blairsville, GA 30512. [3][4][5]


UAI appears to be associated with two domain names:

  • unionag.org is no longer registered (2009-06-15)
  • unionag.net has anonymized registration and points to a domain squatter page