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On the evening of 2011-10-31, I changed my Google+ username to "Anna Ominous" as a protest against the ongoing "common names" policy and their poor implementation of it.


Here is a partial list of things that need to be fixed:

  1. The following users need to be offered the option to use their better-known pseudonyms, and given an apology for how they were treated:
  2. The "common names" policy must be clarified -- in writing -- as being one which allows commonly-used pseudonyms, as a source within the G+ policy hierarchy has assured me repeatedly was the intention of the policy.
  3. When users are suspended, they must be given some way to correspond directly with someone at Google who is familiar with their case and can answer any questions about the status of their account.
  4. The culture of opacity at Google -- specifically, those policies which prevent Google employees from openly discussing the reasoning behind Google's policies -- must end.