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MLW commenters whose opinions I respect:

MLW commenters I do not trust:

  • Karmafish: is too much into the "both sides do it" rhetoric
    • Claims here that he can easily find examples of the Left demonizing the Right, but never does.
    • Tries to come across as morally superior in his neutrality here.
    • "as a liberal I find myself skeptical of absolutist theological notions such as "evil."" here.
  • Madscientist: I plan to disregard his arguments in the future; he is not intellectually honest. Rankle called him an "intellectual bully", which seems right to me.
    • Claims the Left is just as irrational as the Right here.
    • Claims the Democrats exclude the Republicans here.
    • Claims to have "spent years working in forensic psych, mostly with murderers, rapists, and arsonists" here and "degrees in Microbiology and Philosophy" here.
    • habitual emotional manipulator who does not respond to rational argument
  • PHIL. I. STINE: another equivocator and Right-defender (e.g.)

Not sure:

  • rich1107 seems reasonable most of the time...